"It's Going to Be Alright"

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“It’s going to be alright.”


Elias never thought he’d be happy to wake up in a cage.

Well, perhaps happy was a strong word. He certainly wasn’t upset, not any more than usual, because this cage meant that he was somewhere different. Somewhere safer. It wasn’t too small for him, didn’t dig into his arms and legs and create harsh red marks, and wasn’t bare. In fact, it was filled with pillows and blankets, even a few stuffed animals: whoever put him in here wanted him to be at least somewhat comfortable, and that was more than he could say about any previous master of his.

This was only more clear as his new master came into the room.

“You’re awake,” the human said, voice far too stern considering he was carrying an armful of plush and fabric. “I was just bringing some more stuff for you. How’re you feeling?”

“Good?” Elias wasn’t lying, just had no idea how to respond. He did feel good, and that was confusing to him.

“You sound confused,” the human said. “Is anything uncomfortable?”

“No, no, sir, just, ah. Where am I, sir?”

The human blinked. “Ah, right. I should probably tell you that. You’re in my – my name is Monroe, by the way – you’re in my home. Your master’s home – they got reports of hybrid abuse from there, and...”

“I got taken,” Elias said, “you’re my master now.”

“Temporarily, at least. Until you’re well enough to live on your own and make an informed decision on where to go from there. For now, you should just focus on recovery. More pillows?”

Elias looked around the cage. Any more pillows and he’d probably not fit anymore. He shook his head and Monroe set the pile to the side to kneel down in front of the cage.

Opening the door, he stuck his hand in to allow Elias to sniff at his wrist. The cat hybrid seemed hesitant at first, but eventually pressed his nose into the palm of Monroe’s hand, seeming to enjoy the contact.

Monroe couldn’t stop himself from cooing, already so proud of the hybrid’s show of comfort. “You’re a good boy, aren’t you? Just need some love, hm? It’s going to be alright, pet. I’ll take good care of you.”