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A very scientifically sound and serious look at the birds I have seen.

Please note: I am an amateur through and through. There may be information on this page that is incorrect. If you see such information, feel free to email me!

Blue Jay
Native to Eastern North America, these birds are common but still a delight due to their big personalities and bright coloration. They're loud bullies, but they make up for it by just being so darn cute.

American Robin
One of if not the most common bird in North America. While they may be drab to some, I still think they're cute. The most exciting? Not really, but it's the ol' reliable of birds. Hard to hate.

American Crow
Another very common bird, though I only logged this for the first time while on vacation. Found all over North America, these birds have one of the most distinct calls (or should I say cawls?) of any bird. They love to add a little ominous ambience to wherever you are.

Canadian Goose
What is there to say about the Canadian Goose that hasn't already been said? Widespread bullies, the bird the internet loves to hate. Think animals inherently love you? Think again. There's a goose out there to prove you wrong.

Common Grackle
The beginner bird-watcher's nightmare. You will jump with joy at the glimpse of an all-black bird hanging around in your yard and - nope. Just a grackle. When they're not tricking you, their shiny colors will at least give you something nice to look at.

Tufted Titmouse
Hehe, you said... Anyways. These birds are small, fuzzy, and adorable. Very common in the Eastern US and always bring a smile to your face to see.

Rock Pigeon
Ah, the pigeon. If you've ever lived in a large city in the Americas or even some parts of Europe and Asia, you've seen a pigeon. These chubby little guys love strutting their stuff wherever they can, even if its in your way on a busy sidewalk.

Red-tailed Hawk
One of the most common hawks in North America, and the poster-boy for fun facts about the fact that Bald Eagles don't really sound like that. If you're on a drive, scan the air or fences around large fields and forested areas. You may just find a Red-tailed Hawk, looking for a nice snack. Circle of life.

Red-shouldered Hawk
The smaller, less appreciated cousin of the Red-tailed Hawk. Found in the Eastern US and in parts of California. Despite being over-shadowed, they're still a beautiful bird and fun to see. If you see one of these, take a picture or point excitedly at it. You might make its day.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
A common eastern Hummingbird, and the only one in my state. Their distinct red bib and manic energy are stunning in person. If you set out a hummingbird feeder in Eastern North America, you'll probably see a ton of these.

Eastern Wood-Peewee
I love birds named after their songs. These little guys sure do love saying pee-wee. Quite a pale and drab looking bird, but also quite delightfully fluffy. Hard to see due to their grey-brown coloration. As close as you'll probably get to seeing a real life Pokemon, though. Pee-wee! Pee-wee!

Eastern Kingbird
A fairly widespread bird that likes just hanging out. Also a fairly aggressive species that loves fighting other birds. Can't we all just get along? Not to the Kingbird.

Northern Mockingbird
Another drab little bird with a special skill: really good at mimicking things. Their normal call is a sharp yell but they'll add all sorts of weird noises into the mix, especially if they live in urban areas. Car alarm? You got it. Door opening? Sure. Other birds? Not a problem. Master of disguise, this guy is.

Carolina Wren
The humble wren, small and adorable. Except, this one looks... angry? They have white eyebrows that can give them a disapproving look, like you bought the wrong suet for them or something. Hard to see sometimes, but not hard to hear: Their call is very distinctive and repetitive.

Chipping Sparrow
A small, rotund little guy that wears a funny hat sometimes. Extremely common throughout North America. I always call this guy a "chirping sparrow" because chipping doesn't make any sense to me. Do they make chips? Can I have some?

Song Sparrow
Another common bird to North America. Has a long list of songs and loves doing karaoke. Trying to sleep? Too late. The Song Sparrow is on their fifth rendition of Sweet Caroline. Did you know that male song sparrows have mental playlists that are 30 minutes long? Wicked. [1]

Northern Cardinal
Bright red and ready to hang out in your back yard. Mostly in the Eastern US but dips down into Mexico. My state bird, and also the state bird of 6 other states. They're one of the brightest birds you'll see in your backyard, but give some love to the female Northern Cardinals in your yard too.

House Finch
To me, the definition of "A Bird." Are they bad? No. Do I hate them? Of course not. They're just... birds. Isn't that special in its own way, though? These guys can get a little flashy with the red heads, sure, but there's beauty in the simplicity of the House Finch. You go, little House Finch.