Frog Heaven Now

On May 29th, 2022, my family noticed that an abandoned kiddie pool in our back yard was now filled with tadpoles and frog eggs! As such, I'm creating this page as sort of a photo diary of the tadpoles' growth.

We believe the species of these frogs to be Cope's Gray Treefrog (Dryophytes Chrysoscelis) as that seems to be the main species of frog in our backyard, but I will update this once the frogs are fully grown and I can identify them.

Finally, please forgive some shitty photography. I'm just a guy who takes photos with his phone.


My first photo of the tadpoles. You can see some of the eggs in this pic.


Second photo. Most of the eggs had hatched at this point.


A much better photo of the full group! There's a ton of tadpoles in here. By the end of the day, all of the eggs were either entirely hatched or gone.


They're growing pretty quick! It's hard to get good photos of them since they hide if they feel my footsteps. They're quite hungry though and I can see them feeding every time I walk out.


Not much to update here. As always, they hide in the leaf litter in the pool once you get close to them. The size disparities are interesting, though. Some are quite small while others are getting really big! You can definitely tell that some hatched earlier than the others.


Still growing! There seem to be a lot still in here. I know they all won't live to adulthood, but I wonder if anything has started eating them yet? We have a lot of birds so it's very likely that they might eat tadpoles.



A good shot of how many there are. It's seriously insane.



We put some old cabbage into the water since tadpoles are safe eating that, and they love it! Delight in their snacking.