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Pet Regression

What is Pet Regression?

Pet regrssion can mean different things for different people! For me, it indicates a state where I feel more connected to my alterhumanity and often has elements of age regression as well. It's hard for me to describe other than my head feeling 'fuzzy' and things becoming a bit blurry. It's easier for me to just slip into repetative or childish tasks.

Why Pet Regress?

It helps me calm down during stressful times and helps me clear my mind. In general, it's a way for me to shed some stress and overwhelming feelings of responsibility or anxiety about responsibiility.

My Regression

When I regress, as I mentioned, it's easier for me to slip into childish or reptative tasks. I like things like coloring or simple games. I also feel more... catlike, in many ways. I'm more likely to experience astral limbs such as a tail and cat ears, and find myself in a bit more of a playful mood. Like a cat, it usually makes me very tired as well!

Regression Videos

Note: This is not videos about regression but rather videos I watch while regressed. They just make me happy.

Things I Like to Do While Regressed