April 26th, 2022

Holy shit, what a crazy few days/week/whatever in god's name time frame it's been it's... been.

First things first, I just want to give you all a few cool recommendations from me to you.

Other than the series of events you can expect from what I've mentioned above, it's been fine. I got one of three finals done today and have the others at least started, so I can finish up before the due date of the 29th really easily. My essay topics have been interesting, I just keep kicking myself because I need to start outlining my papers. I find it really easy to think of how a paper is going to go but once I start writing it, it feels meandering and jumpy. That's a skill I want to start to work on, at least.

Work has been boring as ever, though, which is half awesome and half... well, boring. Sucks just sitting behind a desk doing really tedious busy work type stuff. Can't wait to get back into some bigger projects if they have any for me. I hope they do! I think my bosses like me which is nice. At least, I know they trust me which is really all I can ask for at a job. I have a lot of cool conversations with my supervisors too, they're really laid back which is appreciated. I can get easily stressed out in work environments so having people who I feel see me as an equal is very important to me.

That's all for this entry. Let me leave you all of with a little bit of a site roadmap, then.

P.S. I turn 21 on the 8th! Very excited about that too.

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