July 2nd, 2022


Just a small life update.

My grandmother died today. I'm doing okay, as is the parent whose mother it is. Things are difficult, of course, but everyone seems to be handling it well. As expected, I feel a little bit numb to the whole thing still.

Thank you to those who left kind comments on my last post about this as well as talking to me privately. I greatly appreciate your support.

The next few days may be strange. There's a lot of things I associate with her. She loved nature, gardening, flowers, birds, etc: Things you may notice I've been engaged in a lot. I don't want to necessarily say that these things are in her honor: She was a complicated person, we all are, and I'm not one to unnecessarily venerate someone after death. However, it does feel like it's a good way to connect with those parts of her that brought good memories to those around her.

Regardless of my closeness to my grandmother, a loss is a loss. It still weighs heavy on everyone involved.

I just hope that I can provide some support and relief to those who are hurting more than me.

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