July 22nd, 2022

I had a nice, alterhumanity affirming dream last night I wanted to share.

I was invited into a poly couple (I was mostly involved with the wife but her husband was nice too) to be their pet. That sounds horny, but it was honestly platonic. They just liked having me around and taking care of me. I was shy about it, self conscious, but they were very supportive of me and wanted me to be happy. It felt nice.

The wife blogged about our relationship and we ended up getting kind of famous and doing interviews for various youtube channels and stuff. I guess just because the unique nature of our relationship, people were really interested.

I was called Vincent in the dream, but looked very different to how I do in real life. Here's a picrew recreation:

I look quite literally nothing like this in real life, so it was interesting to see myself and see that I looked so different!

Either way, the dream didn't have much of a plot and was mostly just me hanging out with these people. They had these special blankets, black with white patterning on it. I don't remember the pattern much but it was vaguely fleur-de-lis?

This is a bit of a random post, I just wanted to write this dream down. I find that writing dreams down helps me have more of a similar type, and this was a very nice dream for me. I felt really safe and comfortable being a pet.

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