I would like to start this with what I now consider the worst mobile ad of all time.

If you're interested in watching before reading my explaination, here's the link on reddit to the ad.

For those who can't watch, an explaination:

Three men are in a cabin getting massages from women. The man in the middle turns to his masseuse and asks if they offer 'special services' and it is now that I will tell you that I was not playing some weird horny game on my phone. I was, in fact, playing Burrito Bison on iPhone which is family friendly. Let's continue.

The woman says "Yes! But only for the best State of Survivalâ„¢ players." State of Survivalâ„¢ being the game that this is an advertisement for.

The three men then start bragging about the characters they have in this game, etc, when the final man on the far right wins the argument by saying that he has all the special characters and used a promo code to get materials and etc etc.

The ad ends with the masseuse woman going "Okay :) You won the special service, let us leave first!" and then a black woman walks into the room looking mischevious and you hear the guy who won the special services yelling as the ad ends.

What the fuck? I had to get up at like, 3 am to start looking for this ad online so I knew I wasn't insane. A few things: Why does the guy scream at the end? The black woman looks very normal and isn't like, even attempting to look cartoonishly ugly? She just has her hair in a bun? Is it because she's black and overweight? Fucking insane. Did not think that Burrito Bison would show me an ad that involved prostituion, racism/colorism, fatphobia, misogyny, etc etc. I know that most mobile ads suck but this one wasn't even like bad in an incomprehensible way, it just genuinely made me uncomfortable.


On the 22nd, I'm going back to college! Very excited to do so because I can start working again and building up some spending money. I think this semester will be fun, or at least I will hold out hope that it is. I think I have one or two classes that are fully online which sucks because I always struggle, but I plan on trying to be on top of organization this semester. I know I say that every semester, but I mean it this time, promise.

I need to clean tomorrow and stuff too, trying to get my life at least a little bit together. ADHD hits like a truck sometimes, though. I really need to start going back to therapy, but I don't know if I want to go back to my old therapist or seek out a new one. My old therapist was wonderful, but I really need help with the ADHD above all else at this point and she wasn't particularly specialized in that area. She was still awesome, though, so I feel bad for leaving her even if it is for my own good.

Other than that, pretty boring life at the moment. I'm sure once I start working and going to school again, I'll be energetic enough to work on some projects. I have some pagse for this site in the works but haven't started on anything yet, mostly just trying to enjoy my last few days of rest.

Watched all of Our Flag means Death. Have feelings about it. Don't know entirely how much detail I want to go into because I ping-pong wildly between wanting to scream from the rooftops about my self-shipping and wanting to never tell a single soul ever that I have feelings. I'll figure it out, I guess. Expect something about it, though. Maybe. I dunno.

Hope everyone has a good day, and if your summer break is ending/has ended already, I hope your school year goes well.

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