A few disconnected thoughts/rants about my life.

School starts back in 2 days. Hesitantly excited, but mostly just because I'll be working again and while that can be tiring, I do like money to spend on stupid shit.

Been frustrated with how the site looks/feels again. Trying to quell the urge to completely re-design it for the 18th time this year, but at the same time, it's kind of fun. No ideas for what a redesign would look like, though.

Reading Kengan Ashura at the moment. Very fun, honestly. Not usually into battle stuff, but this keeps my attention and doesn't take itself too seriously. Some fun character designs, too. Also very excited to hear that Dungeon Meshi is getting an anime adaptation, I hope it's good! I'm sure it will be, but you never know.

Speaking of school, kinda got fucked over by a professor today. Bought a bunch of books for the class just for the professor to email us a few days later and say he uploaded the syllabus for the wrong class and we didn't need any of that. Womp womp. At least it's some pretty good books, but still kind of a pain in the ass. Minor frustration in the grand scheme of things, though. Never upset to have more books.

Looking into Raspberry Pi stuff for self-hosting. Calendar and Calibre Library are the main ones, but I do want to check out Email if I can get it to work. Apparently kind of heavy though. Just osmething to look into.

Evelyn, my tarantula, finally ate! She's doing good right now and has eaten two days in a row. Glad she's done hunger striking. Considering making a shrine for her assuming I don't start ripping the floorboards up on the site first.

Struggling with some anger issues lately. Stuff bubbling up that hasn't since I was very active on Tumblr. Might have to take a break from Neocities, at least reading people's posts, and just work on my silly little website. I try not to let things affect me anymore, but recently there have been a number of annoyances.

If I remake my site, going to try to enforce the 18+ thing a little more. Just really dislike having minors follow me/vice versa. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to people who don't have their age listed, but if you are a minor, please let me know so I can unfollow you. No hard feelings, just not a fan.

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