My Day from Hell


Holy shit.

So, today I had an appointment at the DMV to get a photo ID so I can fly next week for my vacation.

The DMV already sucks. Whatever. I get all my paperwork and head up to the DMV with my mom (I can't drive, so this isn't a driver's license but just a state-issued ID).

We're there a fair bit before my appointment and notice a huge line outside. That sucks, but hey, I got an appointment so I can skip the line. We go up to the door and the security guard stops us and is like "Oh, the power is out in the whole building." Awesome. Amazing. He tells us we can come back later or just wait it out. We're like, "Surely this can't take this long, right?"

It can, in fact, take that long. We got there at about 11 AM and waited in the car until after 1:30 PM. Still no power. We say fuck it and go home. I'm having an actual panic attack at this point because this sucks, I'm already super anxious about the trip just because it's Something coming up, and then this shit happens. I go home and power doesn't come back to that building until fucking 4 PM. Which, by the way, is 30 minutes before the place closes.

So we're going tomorrow.

Also, I walk into the kitchen after my panic attack to get food, and what do I see? Ants. My dad left food out on the counter and there are fucking ants everywhere. I have a huge fear of ants, so I'm just miserable at this point. No clean cutlery to eat the food I had been looking forward to.

I just ended up taking a nap for a few hours. I needed to decompress.

Anyways, just a small rant. I hope your day went better than mine.

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