Where Have I Been?

Hi there.

It's been a while, I know.

To make a long story short, the site overhaul is on the backburner and probably will be for a long time. I'm creatively bankrupt right now and to be frank, I don't feel like stressing myself out over this. I want to keep updating my website and stopping myself from doing that in the name of a poorly planned redesign has just been making me unhappy. So, here we are!

Here's a quick life update though! I've been going outside a lot more, flipping over rocks and taking pictures of cool bugs. I went on a walk the other day at a park, it was really gorgeous and refreshing. I like nature a lot these days, and I'm trying to nurture this feeling. I was constantly outside as a child, but as I grew up, I regressed into staying inside a lot. A lot of it was anxiety related, I'm sure. I hated feeling seen in any capacity, so I would just lock myself in my house and play video games for hours. Socializing online has always been easier for me. Finding things I enjoy about the outdoors has been very healing though. I've taken up bird watching and have an app to log birds I find, so that's been something fun for me to do. I like to use apps to log plants, birds, etc that I find outside that I think are interesting. It's like playing Pokemon Go but feels a little bit more scientific and adult.

I have a new computer now too, and this post is coming to you from that! It's a huge upgrade from my last one, so I've been getting in a lot of time in Skyrim. Maybe I'll make a page telling you all about my Skyrim character? He's still in the works but he's been very fun to roleplay as while I play. I have a huge modlist too that I might write down to accompany that page if I decide to make it. I've wanted to make OC pages for a while but I get very shy talking about my OCs these days since a lot of them are self inserts and I worry they come across as too self indulgent or silly. Either way, though, that's something I want to work on at some point. I like talking about my character and my little worlds I make up for them.

My pets have been doing well. Evelyn has been pretty active lately. I've tried to feed her again, but I haven't seen her eat yet. Doesn't mean she hasn't, though. Might just be a little shy about it. She is pretty skittish. The cats are doing well too! I should tell you all about them at some point.

My summer has been boring but in a way that's been very relaxing for me. I had a very stressful semester between work and school and some personal stuff I was dealing with, so a summer where I just get to hang out and play video games and look at bugs is exactly what I need.

Thank you all for listening! Stay tuned for some more site updates as I get the nerve to finally start working on things again.

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