AUGUST 16TH, 2022

A bunch of minor fixes around the website. Attempted to make the navbar and header play nicer on smaller screen sizes.

AUGUST 9TH, 2022

Added a simpler color palette to the site.

JULY 21st, 2022

Posted the prologue to my story! Feel free to comment on my guestbook if you want to leave feedback or other comments!

JULY 20TH, 2022

Added some graphics to the graphics page.

JULY 19TH, 2022

Added a page for my story, will add links to it once I have the first chapter up.

JULY 18TH, 2022

New blog post!

JULY 17TH, 2022

Edited my zonelets pages to fix the new CSS more directly and made some minor edits/fixes.

JULY 15TH, 2022

Pushed this update for my website out.

JULY 14TH, 2022

Did a bunch of shit in the Early AMs, including making this box and this index page in general.